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Hello, and welcome to the world of Navasota Theatre Alliance! We are so glad you found us! I hope you will come and discover our unique stage and experience excellence in live community theatre! I have an amazing troupe and welcome new talent with every year! We offer shows with a G to PG-13 ratings. You can be confident that our shows have messages of poignancy and comedy, suspense and thrills, and/or music and toe tapping! Each one given much thought before choosing them for one of our yearly four main stage productions. We choose shows that will delight our audiences and challenge our actors. Some are classics, some are new, some are not yet classics and maybe not new but under done in our area and deserve a voice.
We take great pride in our youth program. These bright and talented kids are our future! We spend as much of our time and resources as possible to train them, encourage them, and allow them to shine! Come and see what amazing talent we are blessed to nurture every year! Do you know a child who is bent towards acting, singing, overall stage presence? We would enjoy meeting them. Consider our Summer Theatre Camps. You will find this information on our site. No matter if they end up in the arts professionally, they will learn self-confidence and how to present in public, and this will serve them well all of their lives. Every other year, we do musicals, so both singers and non-singers can hold lead roles.
Finally, are you an actress or actor looking for an artistic home? Or maybe this is just something you have always wanted to do whether you are 8 or 80, we welcome you! Auditions are open to everyone regardless of experience! Come and meet new friends! Just want to build sets, paint, wallpaper, make costumes, usher, great!! It takes all of us to be a wonderful community theater! I always say, “First we are community, then we are community theatre!” Again, welcome to The Navasota Theatre Alliance.
Sincerely, Earlene Rainey, Artistic Director

Standard Ticket Pricing

Adults - $12
Seniors/Students - $10
Members - $8
Children(10 and under) - $5

Membership Levels

Extra: $35 - $49
Ensemble: $50 - $124
Cameo Role: $125 - $249
Supporting Role: $250 - $499
Starring Role: $500 - $999
Producer's Circle: $1000 - $4999
Theatre Angel: $5000 - $20,000
Opening Night Sponsors: $500

Flex Pass Pricing

With a season "flex pass", you get the convenience of having tickets for all four main stage shows at a discounted price. For one (1) calendar year from your date of purchase, you can call ahead and reserve your tickets for any date of a performance and have your tickets waiting for you when you arrive at the theatre. Flex passes are priced as follows:

Single Person Flex Pass - $42
2 Person Flex Pass - $84
3 Person Flex Pass - $126
4 Person Flex Pass - $168
5 or More Person Flex Pass - Call for price or click the link below.